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Salty Cacao Nibs Bar

The Salty Cacao Nibs Bar made of cacao bean pieces, sea salt and a dark chocolate coating brings you plant protein in a tasty snack – with zero soya. With 25% protein and fibre, it’s perfect for your healthy diet. Enjoy!

Salty Cacao Nibs Bar

Vegetable protein bar with cacao nibs and sea salt

Ingredients: vegetable protein mix: sunflower protein, pea protein, rice protein, almond protein, hemp protein, dark chocoalte: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: sunflower lecithins; agave syrup, humectant glycerol, date paste, 1.7% roasted cocoa beans (Non-EU), 1% sea salt (EU), low-fat cocoa powder, natural flavour.

May contain traces of edible nuts.


per 100 g

per serving*


1626 kJ/388 kcal

732 kJ/175 kcal


15 g

6,5 g

– of which saturated fatty acids

8,1 g

3,7 g


40 g

18 g

– of which sugars

13 g

6,0 g

Dietary fibre

6,0 g

2,7 g


25 g

11 g


1,4 g

0,7 g

*Serving size: 45 g

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