What types of products are available from Power System?

Power System offers protein bars, powders, drinks and supplements to support you and your athletic performance. Whether you’re looking for power for your next workout, a tasty fitness snack to take with you looking or would like to keep your weight, our three product routes have the right product for you.

How can I tell if a product contains an allergen (e.g. gluten, lactose) that I need to avoid?

According to the Food Information Regulation, we are obliged to label allergens in the list of ingredients of the products. We have therefore highlighted allergens that are contained in our products. In addition, we voluntarily indicate potential traces of allergens. You can find this information on our product subpages. Should you have any further questions about allergens, please contact: info@power-system.de

Are there also products that are suitable for a vegan nutrition?

It is important to us to represent the interests of as many consumers as possible and we also offer vegan products under our sub-brand Enjoy Protein. You can find more information here: ENJOY LIFESTYLE

What is the best before date of Power System products?

The durability of our products varies. You can find the respective best-before date on the back of each packaging.

Can I use Power System Protein powders to lose weight?

Protein shakes can be a recommended support for a diet, because proteins fill you up for a long time. Protein also strengthens and nourishes your muscles, which are essential for fat burning.

It is best to use our protein shakes to support your diet, for example by replacing one meal a day. Our Power System Daily Shape Meals, which are available in various flavours, are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Where does the sweetness in our Enjoy Protein products come from?

We make sure to mainly use fruit sugars for our Enjoy Protein products. Sometimes we also use sweeteners and low-calorie crystal sugar alternatives.

Do your vegan bars give ne as much power as other (non vegan) protein bars?

You can switch from non-vegan bars to vegan bars without hesitation and without sacrificing your performance. Try our tasty Salty Cacao Nibs Bar or soft Vanilla Poppyseed Bar. With these vegan bars, we have combined a total of five high-quality vegetable protein sources for a high biological value and an optimal amino acid profile. You can find more information about the vegan bars here: Enjoy Protein

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Can I drink the protein powders only with milk or also with water?

Of course you can prepare our powder products the way you like. For the Enjoy Protein Powder, we recommend using vegetable milk alternatives if you want to enjoy your shake vegan.

How can I give feedback on the products?

We want to constantly improve ourselves and our products. Your opinion and positive but also critical feedback helps us to do so! We are looking forward to receiving your feedback: info@powersystem.de